What’s In My Bag?

 I usually change my bag every couple of weeks, depending on work and school.  I tried to put links to items I could still find.  Right now, I am using:


1. Henri Bendel Jetsetter Convertible Backpack

2. Cosmetic Bag/Pencil Case:  I usually don’t carry much of any make up on a regular basis, usually lip gloss and mascara.

3. Kate Spade New York Keyboard Folio for Ipad Air 2 –  The keyboard is removable so if you don’t need it, you can make the case a little lighter by leaving it at home. 

4. Emily Ley academic daily simplified planner, happy stripe

          It’s my first time trying the Emily Ley planner, I am really excited.  I can’t wait till August 1st.

5. Henri Bendel West 57th Coin Purse

          Since I commute to work ,  I keep a small card case size wallet, that is easily accessible  to keep my bus pass, a credit card and another thing or two so I don’t have to pull my bigger wallet in and out.

6. TOPS Docket Gold Classified Spiral Steno Book

         I always keep a notebook to write notes, ideas, etc.

8. Hand Sanitizer

9. Keys

10.  Car Keys Holder Case- I drop my car keys a lot or lose them in my bag.  The key holder has been a lifesaver.

11.  Electronic cleaning cloth.

12. Henri Bendel West 57th Kangaroo Wallet

13. Henri Bendel West 57th Pill Box

14. Glasses,and case

15. Iphone 6 Plus

16. Gum

17. Mophie Powerstation Reserve

         This has been a  great find, it already has the connector, so you don’t have to carry an extra cord with me.  But it is only good to give a little boost, not a full charge.  For me, it has been enough to get me home.

What’s not shown in my picture:  my apple earbuds headphones which are a must, since I have a very long commute and I usually take my phone charger, when I remember.

So, What’s your bag?
















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