Review: Black Tie Optional by Ann Marie Walker

My Rating: ♥♥♥♥
Read: 05/14/17
Series: Wild Wedding #1

29482911A most funny and entertaining story!


Olivia Ramsey: is a kind-hearted environmentalist who has been relentlessly approaching Coleman Grant III to help her save the endangered Northern long-eared bat.  And she is not going to give up no matter what.  Olivia finds Cole gorgeous, but spoiled and self-centered and after 3 months of chasing after Cole, Olivia is glad to get away for a bachelorette weekend to Las Vegas with her best friend, Cassie.

Coleman Grant III: is a multi-millionaire CEO of Grant Industries.  He works hard and unapologetically plays hard.  He’s amused of finding Olivia in front of his daily coffee stop, but when he starts fanaticizing about the aggravating women, Cole thinks it’s time for a vacation.


Cole and Olivia find themselves thrown together in Vegas, since they are part of the same wedding party.  One drink leads to another and they end up in bed.

The morning after, Cole finds out that he has lost his bid to overturn his parent’s will which stipulates that if he is not married by his 30th birthday, the ownership of Grant Industries, the company he has worked so hard to make a global success will revert to his grandmother, which he will not allow.  Cole’s grandmother is not the cute and cuddly kind, but a barracuda in designer clothes.

Only days left to his birthday, he proposes a marriage of convenience to Olivia for 3 months and in return he will help her with her conservation project.

Their temporary marriage became a little more complicated when Cole’s grandmother is challenging how real the wedding is.  Now they are moving in together, visiting her parents and falling in love.

Final Thoughts:

The story is funny and engaging.  I love Olivia and Cole, they had great chemistry together.  There are some funny moments, and the flashback to their night in Vegas is hot!

My only quibble with the book would be that there wasn’t more situation between Grant’s grandmother and the newlyweds to prove their marriage is real.  The grandmother kind of just faded away, when she is supposed to make life hard for the couple, but after one situation, she never really does much of anything else.  That was disappointing.  Also, their marriage of convenience wasn’t much of a secret from anyone and they shared it freely.  I found that odd, when they are trying to make sure their marriage looks real, but they pretty much told everyone why they were doing this.

This is a must read for anyone who likes romance with a dash of humor.  I am so excited that I discovered a great new author in Ms. Walker and I look forward to reading the next book on Cassie.


I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.





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