Book Review: Undone by the Sultan’s Touch by Caitlin Crews

My Rating:
Read: 07/01/17
Don’t Bother with this!
***Spoilers ahead***

Cleo Churchill travels lands her in Jhurat, where she runs into Sultan Khaled.  Cleo has been traveling since breaking off her engagement to her cheating fiancée. 

Cleo wants an adventure and a fairy tale, while Khaled looks at Cleo as his salvation to s

how the outside world that his country is not barbaric.  Khaled wants businesses and investments to

come into the country and put down the unrest

in the country.  He figures an American nobody will help turn the world’s perception around.  He will romance

her, make her fall in love with him and then marry him and provide a fairy tale for the world. 

Overall, it was disappointing.  At any point of time in the story, I didn’t like the heroine, the hero or both.  The first half, the heroine spent an inordinately large amount of time comparing Khaled to her ex-fiancée.  But as Khaled woos her for 3 months before getting married.  She seems to want the fairy tale more than the man, s

he never questions him about his feelings, his family.  Nothing of import. But she gets upset at her family, when they question her. Then after the wedding, she has a wake up call, that everything is not happily ever after in her fairy tale, she runs instead of fighting.  She was immature and so was their relationship.

Khaled was not any better, he is condescending and mocking.  I am the sultan, whatever I say is law.  He only thinks of doing his duty and is flabbergasted when Cleo is questioning his authority.  Exactly what did he expect to happen?  I couldn’t understand why he believes that he either could be a husband or ruler, and the book didn’t convince me with the reasons given. 

I thought the ending might just redeem this story, but no. 

Cleo gives him an ultimatum to choose her over duty, but in Khaled’s defense he just learned that there is unrest in his country that he must deal with.  To me, Cleo seems selfish and seemed petty for this, it wasn’t something minor like a state dinner or charity function.  I really didn’t expect him to choose her over what he had to do.  That I understood, but Khaled could have tried to show her that while he still must do his duty, he will show her he loves her and make up for it when he can.  But he doesn’t. Instead it is Cleo who comes back, basically saying that it’s okay that you put me second place in your life. There was no redemption for the hero, and the heroine lost all my respect. 

 The epilogue shows how they are happy now that they have learned to compromise.  This pissed me off.  Seriously, this was the big lesson they learned.  We saw no one takes responsibility, no issue gets resolved, but everything is fixed in the epilogue because they learned to compromise.   Since the story didn’t make any sense, I guess the epilogue wouldn’t either. 

Overall, Caitlin Crews is a hit or miss and this one is a miss.  




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